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  • What is Clear Umbrellas?
  • What is Bubble Umbrella? Bubble Umbrella vs Regular?
  • What is the Best Bubble Umbrella?
  • The Color of Clear Umbrella
  • What is Clear Umbrella Material?
  • The sizes of clear umbrellas
  • Where to Buy Clear Umbrellas?
  • Clear Umbrella Care and Maintenance
  • Monogrammed Clear Umbrella
  • How to Custom Your own Clear Umbrellas?

What is Clear Umbrella?

As the clear umbrella cover is transparent and can be see through, call clear umbrella.

Clear umbrella is also named transparent umbrella or see through is good for travel, wedding, golf, promotional purpose.

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the regular clear umbrellas sell a lot in the Japan market, people usually call the Japanese clear umbrella. why Japanese like to use clear umbrella? the below is the reasons:

clear umbrella in japan

  1. In Japan, Public Umbrellas are placed at the gates of most public institutions in Japan. They are used casually, but they are not collected in their own homes. They will certainly look for opportunities to put them back in public places. Most of the public umbrellas are bought by the people themselves. They are free to put them in an umbrella before entering the door and they are not allowed to go back and go.

Therefore, the umbrella based on this purpose of use is relatively low in price.

and the clear umbrellas is low cost and sell Cheap price and available at any convenience store so you can get one anywhere you go, The hundred yuan stores in Japan only sell it one or two hundred yen, and it is not a pity to throw it.

clear umbrella

2 From the perspective of color, Japan is a country with a high degree of community identity. For example, people like to wear similar costumes and behave in a consistent manner. Even the color of the car and the color of the house will be equal. In other words, Japanese society is an unloving society. In the case of clear umbrellas, transparency is the most unusual color. Other colors have different effects.

3 For beauty. There are rainy seasons in Japan and every day’s rain. The temperature in the rainy season is about the temperature in spring or early summer. It is when wearing beautiful clothes that a clear umbrella is better than an umbrella that blocks its beautiful appearance. too much. This is one of the reasons why women use clear umbrellas more often than men.

clear umbrella

4. Why is the use of clear umbrellas in mainland China not used much? Because the umbrella cloth is a plastic film, the transparent umbrella is almost not folded. In Japan, due to the influence of the oceanic climate, many days of windy weather make it easy to use the folding umbrella and it is inconvenient to use. In most parts of mainland China, when the rain is rainy, the wind is not big. Use a folding umbrella to put it in the bag so that it will not be lost. Therefore, use less transparent umbrellas.

5. When you hold a clear umbrella, you can see the world outside and enjoy the rainy day, not only because Japan is clean, tidy, and strong, but also because it can see the surroundings that would have been blocked by an umbrella. As for causing trouble to others, for example, the umbrella hits other people or walks to block others. We all know that the important culture of Japanese society is: try not to cause trouble to others.

clear umbrella see outside

The most popular style of the clear umbrella is the bubble umbrella.

What is bubble umbrella? bubble umbrella vs regular?

Bubble umbrella is fashionable. It was used in the “gossip girl” TV series and also, the British royal family loves to use a bubble umbrella. and it is popular sell in the USA, UK, Canada. Australia.

High Quality Windproof Gossip Girl Transparent Umbrella Manufacturers clear dome umbrella manufacturrer

the most difference between Bubble umbrella and regular umbrella is the shape, bubble umbrella is dome shape looks like a birdcage. During stormy weather, compared to regular umbrellas, dome-shaped clear umbrella protects from the head to shoulders both rain and wind. Also, the umbrella is not easily blown by the wind.

bubble umbrella shape

The design of a bubble umbrella with a trim looks great. The trim color of bubble umbrella can be pink, black, yellow, red, purple, navy or printed color.

bubble umbrella with flower trim bubble umbrella with polka dot trim bubble umbrella with colored trim bubble umbrella with star trim

What is the best bubble umbrella?

the below clear bubble umbrella is the best one, with more thick PVC cover, fiberglass strong windproof frame, lightweight aluminum shaft. protect you from strong wind and rain!

high quality windproof stick manual open Gossip Girl transparent umbrella manufacturers

the Color of Clear Umbrella:

the clear umbrella color can be: total transparent, pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, black ………….

blue clear umbrella purple clear umbrella pink clear umbrella

also can print some cute designs can be on the cover like cat, dog, unicorn, dinosaur, I love rain, Flamingo, flower, polka dot, cheetah. just check below styles or our products picture!

childrens dinosaur clear dome umbrella wholesale Adult Ladies Automatic Dog Pinted Clear Bubble Umbrella Wholesale unicorn kids clear umbrella manufacturerFlower Clear Plastic Umbrellas manufacturer

what is clear umbrella material?


The clear umbrella cover is made of vinyl plastic material. one is PVC, the other is POE, and no transparent vinyl call EVA. It can be automatically degraded and is very environmentally friendly.

clear umbrella color

PVC is thicker than POE, but PVC cover will stick together when they become too hot during transit or storage. when mass production, all PVC umbrellas need to put talcum powder on the inside in order to avoid this problem.

but for POE panel, not need to use it!

The POE cover regular thickness is 8C and can be made from 7C to 12C, the thicker the better but more expensive.

handle :

can be straight or crook shaped plastic. Superain always uses good quality plastic raw material like ABS, PP. not Secondary material.


ribs: metal or strong windproof fiberglass are available.

black coated metal frame

shaft: metal, aluminum, fiberglass.

metal shaft finished have: zinc coated, black coated.

black coated metal shaft

the thickness of metal ribs and shaft have 25T,30T, 35T, 40T.


Can be manual or automatic opening.


the sizes of clear umbrellas can be as large as a long stick, also can be small for compact folding into a purse or bag.

stick long polka dot fashion transparent umbrella manufacturersauto open transparent umbrella folding supplier

The sizes of clear umbrellas:

For Kids clear umbrella size: 16”, 18”,19”

For Adult clear umbrella size: 21” or 23”.Also large sizes such as 25” or 30” are available.

clear umbrella size

Arc in InchArc in CMRegular Umbrella DiameterBubble Umbrella Diameter16″40.5cm71cm18″45.0cm76cm19”48.5cm85cm72cm21”53.5cm91cm23”58.5cm102cm80cm25”63.5cm100cm29”73.5cm130cm

Compares with bazaar, Totes or Shedrain, Superain can provide a better price with the great quality clear umbrella.

where to buy clear umbrellas?

Option 1: buy bulk clear umbrellas for wholesale or retail

you can buy from Superain, as one professional clear umbrella factory, provide you sturdy quality clear umbrella base on better factory price to reduce your costs!

Option 2: buy 1 or 2 pieces for personal use, you can buy from local stores, or you can buy from online shops.

  • Online shop

Online stores supply a wide range of clear umbrellas, many styles, and different colors, you can easily check, compare the prices and choose the styles. save your time and money!

There are many retail websites sell clear umbrellas, you can visit the below website:

  • Local Stores or Supermarket

If you want to check the quality of clear umbrellas, you can go to the stores. the store’s salesman to help you find what you need. If the umbrella is offered is at full price, you can wait until on sale. but in the local stores, have no so many styles compare with the website.

Clear umbrella care and maintenance:

  • After use, make sure to leave your clear umbrella open to dry (whenever possible). Do not allow rain on the underside of your clear umbrella and then close it, this will eventually cause rust. If possible, little lubricating oil is applied to the metal ribs to prevent rust and mildew.
  • Do not expose the clear umbrella to heat places when storing or use the clear umbrella . to prevent deformation of the clear umbrella.
  • If the clear umbrella gets dirty and must be clean in time. Don’t wait for a long time before you wipe it. This is not easy to clean, and it is also unfavorable to the maintenance of the clear umbrella and shortens the life of the clear umbrella.
  • Watch the video below showing how to open and close your clear umbrella.

Monogrammed Clear Umbrella

monogrammed clear umbrella is good for wedding or gift. how to order monogrammed clear umbrella?

  1. choose the style of the clear umbrella.
  2. Please email the monogram as below in which you’d like it to appear. If you’d like the “double” style font please email which color for the name and which color for the letter.
  • Color of Monogram
  • Monogram Font
  • Monogram initials in the First name, Last name, Middle name order, And the full name to verify initial placement. Example: Full name- Jessica Nicole Brown, Monogram Initials- JBN

monogrammed clear umbrella monogrammed clear umbrella monogrammed clear umbrella

How to custom your own clear umbrellas?

  1. Customer chooses a clear umbrella style.
  2. Email your logo or design along with the clear umbrella style you’ve just tell us your idea and then we will make the design for you.


  1. We’ll quote you the best price and email clear umbrella image with the design. After your confirmation, if need, we will make one sample for approval.
  2. Once you approve the sample and submit your deposit, Superain will begin to produce your clear umbrellas and ship it to you!

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